2017 MAP

2017 MAP

You don’t want to miss the dramatic 4th Annual Outdoor Stair Climb. You will run (or stroll!) through historic neighborhoods, along the amiable Fall River, and past the sturdy sandstone buildings that draw so many newcomers to our friendly little town. One of the highlights of your run will be the route through our historic Battle Mountain Sanitorium—now a VA Medical Center—and around the solemn and peaceful Hot Springs National Cemetery.  

Choose the main event and climb 657 steps over five flights, ranging from steep and straight to grand and curving. Just in case that isn’t workout enough, you will also run up two big hills, covering a total of seven miles. The views will be expansive, our historic architecture will knock your socks off, and the people will welcome you with smiles! 

Not ready for seven miles? No problem! We also offer a three mile route, covering two flights with 264 steps, which will give you plenty of bragging rights and the very best sights the route has to offer! 

Stroll the route with camera ready or run like the wind for the trophy! Whatever your tastes, you will be proud and happy to say that you were there for the first ever Climb Hot Springs stair-climbing race!

Battle Mountain Grand Challenge -  141 steps

Battle Mountain Grand Challenge -
141 steps

Castle Crunch - 128 steps

Goddard Grind - 123 steps

Museum Mash - 109 steps

Battle Mountain Grand Challenge - 141 steps

College Cram - 156 steps